Right On Time.

When it comes to producing content, our focus is to properly communicate your message.

Part of that equation is releasing the message at the right time…the sweet spot where viewers are tuned in and turned on to new opportunity.

This requires plenty of backward planning on our part. Creative development, storyboarding, casting, production, and editing don’t just happen overnight, after all.

Take a look at the latest release of our West Suburban Bank ad, now airing on Monday Night Football, AMC, Bravo, and ESPN.

This was imagined, planned, shot, and edited months prior to release. Alas, it is now airing, speaking the West Suburban Bank message by way of a football fanatic on a television near you.

Because football is as much of a game as it is a way of life, we carry our message throughout other platforms like Instagram, with the creative magic of repurposing. Here, we’re able to connect with the audience carrying that touchdown state of mind—any time.

Everything we do is with intention, from pre-planning to live-airing. It is an art all its own in the name of our clients’ optimum success.

Timing is everything, friends!

The CCI Crew