Crest Communications was founded in 1978. It’s the blood, sweat, tears, and diligent research that put us on the map and has kept us there ever since.


Video productions require a lot, and flexibility is key. At CCI, our method is just that. We specialize in getting your message across—in a simple video or in a broadcast TV commercial—looking your finest. We know how to twist and turn to fit your organization’s budget flow. And, we implement SEO into anything that hits digital platforms for optimum exposure to the very most relevant audiences.

Our #CoolOverComplicated series for West Suburban Bank lives on video, TV, and social. The quirky, approachable vibe is parallel to that of the bank, who are always down for keeping your life as simple as can be. Adding an extra laugh, just like they do in their day-to-day, doesn't hurt either.

Bright colors and inspiring stories make this creativity-focused campaign pop for Hinsdale Nurseries. This testimonial-style video series is also formatted to TV broadcast, facilitated on social platforms, and promoted through e-blasts and blogs. 

Core Homes is a place to go for standard quality and customizable elegance. In this video series, the homes are shown from top to bottom, informing potential customers on all digital platforms and embedded within their site to guide potential buyers through the excellence they can expect when working with them.

With 2D graphics, we built Hinsdale Nurseries an easy-to-digest, informational campaign. It focuses not only on why shopping there is a smart decision, but the smarts behind product development itself. This digital video is also accessible on social and is a fun way for the consumer to learn and make better-informed purchase decisions.

Chicago Sports and Spine pays attention to their clients and facilitates multi-disciplinary actions to treat and heal pain. To best get their message across, we depicted what it's really like to be there so viewers feel well-informed and introduced—whether it was the digital or social platforms on which they received that introduction.

West Suburban Bank's true life series highlighted the ways its services have positively impacted the lives of their customers and the people (and dogs) around them. This video, TV, and social campaign tugs at the heartstrings with honesty and motion graphics that keep things light and easy to understand.

Serenity House Counseling Services Inc. is a place to recover from alcohol and substance abuse. What is most important is that anyone searching for this resource for themselves or another, finds it at their fingertips. That's why a digital presence on their site with coordinating e-blasts, blogs, and social  is so vital. The message is curated and the opportunity is present. So is hope.

Funny how 2 weeks touring with the Plain White T's can be compressed into a 3 minute video, eh? The footage captured while riding along on the Summer 2018 Tour was funneled not only into this digital video, but lives on all social platforms including Snapchat and Instagram. Whether it's clips, stills, or extended video, the throw-back vibe applied to this campaign translates on every medium, making new and old feel simultaneously awesome, and giving the audience the behind-the-scenes content they've been waiting for. 

Another player in our West Suburban Bank #CoolOverComplicated series, here. This video, TV, and social content was also turned into radio with the rest of the series. With an emphasis on ease, kinetic text, motion graphics, and wide-lens cinematography, the viewer gets to relate to, learn about, and have fun with the West Suburban Bank brand, heightening potential and current brand loyalty.