Garnering a dialogue between you and your target audience is vital. We focus on messaging that your audience can not only relate and benefit from, integrate well-planned SEO strategies tailored to each platform, and make it happen with a strategic and organized approach to calendar planning.

Whether it's through a story on Instagram, snap on Snapchat, or live video on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, our campaigns work together to create seamless branding while appropriately fitting the  specific platforms on which they're consumed.

Anyone can put a calendar of national holidays together, but we research what your client's lifestyle entails to create a calendar of relevant, applicable social content. What can we say? You have to know your customer. And caring about them is an extra perk you'll find with the CCI squad.

Customer Quotes

Get a real taste of what happens at Evergreen Bank Group through examples of sentiments expressed by the everyday customer.


What’s In A Name?

Evergreen Bank Group knows more about their clients than what type of business they're doing behind bank doors. To represent the outgoing nature Evergreen Bank Group is applauded for, we created a name campaign where each letter highlights something a staff member knows about the customer due to the casual conversations and genuine interest taken there. Be more than a customer.


Event Promotion Posts

Evergreen Bank Group supports and uplifts local community, whether that’s on or off site. Tagged and boosted social posts highlighting upcoming events not only extend the reach (views) the content garners, but strengthens the on and offline presence of each, too.