The Power of Repurposing.

Is a video just a video? Not when you implement strategic methods to build presence on multiple platforms at once. And that’s exactly what we do at CCI.

Here is how we get clients the most for their money through the power of repurposing.

1) Get your video on.

Call us. Tell us everything. Sit back as we get to work to deliver personalized creative that aligns with your business objectives. (It’s more than that but for brevity’s sake, let’s just go with it.) See Hinsdale Nurseries looking fresh as ever, below.

2) Frame it up.

Get your social banners on board to showcase your groovy, new look and tie together the branding that sets you apart from the rest. Consistency is key, so we reproduce your branded look and feel on a multi-platform basis. Here is a look at an example on one of those platforms. See below, the Hinsdale Nurseries Facebook page.

3) Lead ‘em to the good stuff.

We make shorts out of your video and put them on social platforms as teasers, linking to more relevant content that also directs viewers to where they can contact you. A taste of branded content is an excellent way to whet the appetite of potential customers. The following shows a tweet leading back to the Hinsdale Nurseries website.

4) Show the behind-the-scenes.

To make the most of your video shoot, we take onsite photos and host live videos, too. Can anyone say Instagram stories? Facebook live? We’re on it.

5) Respect the Benjamins.

You can get more out of a video shoot than just one video when you plan properly. We specialize in being budget-friendly and love to deliver the most bang for clients’ bucks. Check out this video edit that features some of the same shots as the video above, yet notice how, paired with a voiceover artist and a few different graphic treatments, it tells a whole new story.

6) Go everywhere.

Does your business make appearances at conventions? The best way to attract those with relevant interest is with well-produced content. For Hinsdale Nurseries’s latest expo event, we compiled all the most relevant creative pieces to create an edit that played on loop at their booth. It made them stand out from competition with ease. See below.

8) Just Keep Blogging.

While we’re on the topic of relevant footage: Blog for a detailed look at the Hinsdale Nurseries farm, anyone? This helps boost your SEO, too, so you can show up higher in organic search results (non-paid advertising).

9) Guide your friends.

What good is a blog that features your awesome, new video without an eblast to email subscribers to give them a brief synopsis of what’s cooking and where they can learn (and see) more? Ebast that coincides with the blog above, below. Lead the way!

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.23.15 PM.png

If you are ready to create consistent branding that hits potential customers from all directions, give us a jingle.

It’s our bread and butter, and what we call fun.


The CCI Squad

Jess PietComment