Take A Stand.

Jean recently lost her son Bud to opioid overdose.

She wanted to do something about it. So we got to work.

This video is a brief chronology of Jean’s experience with her son’s addiction and the unparalleled support she received from Serenity House Counseling Services after his death. She wishes she knew of Serenity House before she lost Bud to overdose and thinks he could have found recovery if she did.

This work illustrates how donations to Serenity House can mean another chance at life for their clients, and asks viewers to take the life-altering action of contributing.

Here at CCI, we believe in standing up for what you believe in.

We believe in life. Using our talents to support life with Serenity House is a gift.

If you feel moved to, please donate here.

Stand strong,

The CCI Squad