We're Content Chasers.

At CCI we get train, plane, and automobile-bound to capture footage so clients have constant, fresh material.

We call it being, "content chasers." It means you don't have to lift a finger—or your focus—from your primary project. Here's an example of how Lindsay and Darren do it even after they're off the clock.

In her volunteer role at the CACC shelter, Lindsay gets on site with homeless pups of all kinds. She captures adorable photos and heart-melting vids, optimizes them, and shares them on a myriad of social platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat to MailChimp. This helps find homes for these helpless animals through community awareness.

Darren Vorel Twenty20 Stock.png

Darren has recently begun distributing his original photography work on Twenty20, a crowd-sourced stock photography site, displaying the obvious and hidden corners of our beloved city of Chicago, and more. And let's not forget about his tour bus tactics with the Plain White T's where after every show, instead of party time, it was edit time.

Will travel for incredible content,

The CCI Squad