Time-freezing Typefaces.

History rules.

So, we found it super cool when The Drum released an article on urban conservation where a brief for posters inspired the act of typeface preservation for modern-day media.

Long story short: When designer Simon Warden was assigned to create posters to hang amidst the crumbling street signs of London’s Soho, he embarked upon his additional adventure to encapsulate them—seven, actually—so that no matter how much the city continued to gentrify with history-clearing content, the culture of “the old days” could remain.

“Skyrocketing rents, stringent nightlife laws, relentless property development and the abandonment of Soho’s iconic buildings have meant the rich, madcap spirit of the area is slowly disappearing.“

Century typeface.png

We here at CCI totally dig this story. Why? Because we believe in the power of history and today’s hottest platforms. We get a thrill out of the challenge to integrate both to create a statement that stands out. (Plus, Jess has a thing for vintage.)

CCI brings your branding to life whether that means crafting something brand new or resuscitating oldies-but-goodies on the latest outlets.

No matter what, your brand’s statement is communicated—effectively.

History geeks unite!

The CCI Squad