Primetime TV + Your Brand.

Was that a West Suburban Bank commercial in between plays on Monday Night Football?

Yep, that’s our latest TV ad. And you can shine there, too.

What we do here at CCI doesn’t stop at creative. We’re also particular on placement. And we have specialists who work together, on both.

While you’re watching teams nationwide throw pigskin on Comcast, you may think the rest of its national audience can see everything you can.

They see the same game, but not all the same TV commercials. We strategically place ads at peak viewership hours, in the geographic markets that matter most for your brand, and they fit right in with those of big time companies.

No matter which size market you’re touching, that top-notch quality—is always in effect.

That’s just how we do things at CCI.

Above is an example in West Suburban Bank’s latest TV commercial. Motion graphics, kinetic text, and cinematic effects uplift the crafty storyline to inform viewers about their Simple Affordable Home Refinancing, with creative interesting enough to make the message “stick.”

Ready to be seen and heard? Get ready for your close-up.

The CCI Squad

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