Video. It's Super Boss.

Since the clock struck 2019, we have been hard at work adding new client services, advanced performance analysis tools, fancy shmancy production gear, and more. These fresh innovations cater to an old, trusty truth:

Video is boss. (Click the pic up there for a taste.)

So why is video such a big deal when it comes to marketing? Glad you asked.

Video is a vital part of effectively communicative branding, as well as (successful) strategic planning of overall marketing efforts. It’s not all just about pretty moving pictures, y’all.

Forbes had a bit to say on it t better paint the picture. And we hand-picked our favorite points.

Why video is queen bee:


“Rather than reading extensive copy or filing through online catalogs, video content appeals to even the most dismissive buyers. Consumers can engage, embed, share and comment on video content all at the touch of a button. Video content is the perfect way to cut out the demand for any reading and easily engage all types of audiences.”


“Trust is the key to building strong and long-lasting relationships with consumers, which is why it is so important that your videos provoke a share. By producing easily shareable video content, consumers will view your videos with the idea in mind that someone they trust has already viewed and shared it. All of this time spent watching your video content means longer time spent on your website as well, ultimately signaling to search engines that your site is full of great content.“


“When utilizing video content, marketers can better track exactly when consumers stopped watching, how many full and partial views a video has and how often a video actually brought the client business. Compared to text, the ability to track individualized video results is revolutionary. Consumer journey tracking software like Google Analytics and a wealth of new apps coming out, such as Smaply or Gliffy, allow for users to track how efficiently their content is performing on their website.“

See what we mean? Video is not just a way to build a connection with your viewer. It’s a way to build trust and interest in their communities, and the communities of their communities, and the…you get what we mean.

Don’t just work on a video.

Strategize use of it to attain your business goals AKA—make it work for you.

That’s what we love to do. And we would love to help you, too.

Be. The. BOSS.

The CCI Crew