Old Second Bank With New Style.

This is personal.

We’ve officially rolled out Old Second Bank’s Built With You In Mind campaign, which focuses on life’s nitty-gritty truth. The campaign, comprised of digital, print, and social, informs the target audience that Old Second understands the wonders and woes of their lifestyles, and proves it by delivering specifically-suited banking products and services.

We love connecting to audiences of any kind, but were particularly psyched to focus on a demographic we could personally relate to—tech-savvy, seriously-busy, super-scheduled 30- and 40-somethings.

We represent the de-cluttering nature of Old Second’s Money Connection Checking with motion graphics. They shift a messy home scene into an organized collection of text that effectively highlights product benefits—so the way you consume the information is the same way you experience the product: with ease.

Hold on to your smartphones. We’re hopping into this year’s campaign.

Built with you in mind, of course!

The CCI Squad