Momma Knows Best—Even AdAge Knows It.

We here at Crest love our moms. And a great AdAge article, too.

Keeping up with what's happening in small agencies is a particular hobby of ours, and AdAge's series written by small agency founders and executives discussing their business-building experiences called "If I knew then...", especially perks our interest.

This week's read tied together some of the things we love, with a dose of heartfelt advice that, apparently, really does work like a charm.

The article focuses on the importance of planning, although what we tend to plan for most, can often be the negative what-ifs. There's nothing like being prepared, but what about all the positive what-ifs?

Patrick Kelly of BarrettSF shined a light on the importance of keeping your rose-colored glasses on, and planning for things to go better than expected. Just like his mom points out when he lists off his team's recent successes. After all, things have seemed to go better than imagined.

At Crest, we rejoice in a positive attitude. And cartwheels. (Well, Lindsay, at least.) 

The one thing we're grateful to be reminded of is how awesome it is to come to work and help our clients get what they deserve through an art form we feel called to. Frankly, that's better than we ever could've planned for.

Thanks, Patrick.

The CCI Squad