Digital Marketing, Live: Tulips On The Tube

Crest has another TV commercial running, y’all. Have you seen it?

We’re so proud of this beauty.

This year we gave Hinsdale Nurseries a well-deserved fresh, mod look and our TV commercial is out to set the stage for the rest of this year’s rebrand work to come.

Hinsdale Nurseries is a place you can go to beautify your yard and exhilarate your mind through gardening and landscaping creativity. This place is a mecca for tuning into your inner artist and having a darn good time while you’re at it. And, that’s what our work with this year’s branding is all about.

If the TV commercial’s snappy tunes haven’t crossed through the waves of your living room, allow us to present you with a listen and an in-season look at the ad right here.

What do you think, young grasshopper?

Remember to stop and smell the roses!

The CCI crew

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