CCI: Hits Riot Fest 2017



The last week’s brisk fall-like weather hinted that the end of summer is near. And what does this time of year mean? Riot Fest!
Riot Fest is a local, punk-rooted music festival with a wide-array of diverse acts. This year’s bill does not disappoint. From legendary punk rockers Jawbreaker, reuniting for the first time in 21 years, to hip-hop acts like Wu-Tang Clan, to local, pop-punk acts like Sleep on It.

Many of the team over here at CCI are HUGE music fans. With Riot Fest just a day away, who are digital strategist, Lindsay, and creative director, Jess, excited to see?



For the Love of Dogs Lindsay Macdonald:

When I first heard FIDLAR I simply fell for the punk sound and catchy tunes, but the hook, line, and sinker was understanding the lyrics and the story behind them. The stories of partying, addiction, fun, pain, loneliness, friends, love, hate and the road to recovery make you feel like you’re not alone in your own struggles – whatever they may be.

Then, I’ll scoot over to Minus the Bear. One of my best friends is in town and is my houseguest for the weekend. This is one band that will flash us back to a time when we were younger and carefree. I might even dance a little.

And come on now, you can’t expect me to not be excited about headliners NIN and Jawbreaker… WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO PLAY?! I’m so excited!



Bad to the Bone Jess Piet:

What’s more rad than a mix of old school and fab fresh?
To me, nothin’.
That’s why I’m most pumped to see The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and M.I.A. at Riot Fest.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones hit the 90’s scene—and the Clueless soundtrack—in a way I’ll never forget. I love the unique growly pipes of lead vocalist Dicky Barret and shall forever swoon to the sweet way the guitar, drums, saxophone, and trumpet collide. Bring on the horns.

M.I.A. also tops my list because that queen bee does whatever she wants, but never without precise artistic intention. It would be a lie to say I’m not as excited to see what she’ll wear as much as what she’ll sing. However, once the aesthetic awe fades, I’ll be captured by the riffs of her intriguing voice and sometimes mind-boggling beats.
…Oh yeah, and Gwar because… Life-size monsters. Boo!




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